Bi-Folding Doors in London

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Bi-Folding Doors

Altus bi-folding doors are a stylish and practical solution for seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

Aluminium Bifold doors are versatile and can be installed in various settings, including restaurants, bars, and homes. They can be easily folded to the side, allowing for an open view, extra seating space, and improved ventilation, especially during summer.

By letting in more natural light, these aluminium doors create a vibrant atmosphere while reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, which helps save on electricity bills.

Our custom-designed bi-folding doors in London are tailored to fit seamlessly into any space. Whether you prefer a sophisticated look, our textured-finish aluminium frames will perfectly complement your surroundings. Alternatively, our metallic finish aluminium frames add a contemporary touch, elevating the overall aesthetic of your space.


A Glance At Bi-Folding Doors

internal and external bi-folding doors

Things We Do To Assure Customer Satisfaction

We provide our clients with internal and external bi-folding doors, depending on their needs. These doors come in a wide range of contemporary colours and finishes, allowing you to choose from the RAL or BS colour spectrum for a custom-designed look.

Once you request, we swiftly deliver and install the Bi fold door systems set to your desired site or depot.

Our bi-fold doors are designed to open either inward or outward, depending on your preference and the requirements of your property. Most homeowners and businesses opt for outward-opening doors as they provide ample space for furniture.

Altus bi-folding doors are built to stand the test of time. The high-quality aluminium ensures a strong and lightweight structure, while the slim frame profile adds a touch of elegance to both commercial and residential spaces.


We offer a wide selection of glass options for you to choose from. Popular choices include secure laminated units, solar control glasses for energy efficiency, and various specifications for double-glazing units.

Our bi-folding doors are designed to provide excellent acoustic and aesthetic performance, so you don’t have to worry about noise complaints. Additionally, they are engineered for smooth operation, ensuring effortless opening and closing.

The design of our bi-folding doors cleverly conceals hinges, running gear, and the security system. With our multi-point locking system, you can have peace of mind knowing that the doors are well protected against unauthorized access.

Double glazing units installed by Altus Contractors

Why Choose Altus Contractors for
bi-folding Doors in London?

Creating a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces has always been challenging. As we manufacture all of our Aluminium Bi-Fold doors in-house, we can assure their quality. Each client receives a personalized bi-fold door tailored to their specific property requirements. You can choose between internal and external security handles and customize the appearance by selecting your preferred colour and finish. For free advice and a competitive quote, you can call us

Our Work Process

Planned Designs

With our expertise and experience We design things after planning from every perspective or point of view.

Experts at Work

We hire only skilled workers for our site so that there would be no room for corrections.

Proper Research

After analyising from every point of view we come into execution on site.

Rough & Tough

Quality of the material is a non-compromised element.Thus, we use the best high grade steel and aluminum for our Security shutter doors.

Our Other Services

Shop Fronts

Shop Fronts

The three widely in-demand shop fronts include aluminium, toughened glass shop fronts, and automatic doors. We pay attention to every detail our clients provide to ensure the best quality at a reasonable price point.

Toughened Glass Shop Fronts

Toughened Glass Shopfronts

Firstly, toughened glass shop fronts allow the potential customer to look at the products you're showcasing. Showing off your best products will attract more customers to your business and also transform the entire look.

Commercial Glazing Shopfronts

Commercial Glazing

Commercial glazing is done to commercial spaces – be it a storefront or an office. As a business owner, you have much to miss out on if you don't get commercial glazing.

Aluminium Shop Fronts London

Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminum has always been preferred for shop fronts and doors because of its durability, lightweight nature, and strong properties. Altus Contractors offers a wide selection of aluminium shopfronts, doors, and windows.

automatic doors-Altus Contractors-Middlesex

Automatic Doors

Installing automatic doors is the perfect solution to this problem. These doors allow foot traffic to flow efficiently – without any hassle for you or your customers.

pa doors

P A Doors

Public access doors have a vast number of applications. You will find them in every commercial building you come across and also in factories, warehouses, and garages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aluminium is a material that offers a good combination of flexibility and strength. As a result, aluminium bi-folds and doors can have a lifespan of around 25 to 35 years.

Wood and aluminium are commonly used materials for bifold doors. Both provide durability and reliable functionality. The main distinctions lie in cost and personal aesthetic preferences.

Bi-folding doors are an excellent solution for maximizing floor space in small bedrooms, narrow hallways, compact laundry rooms, tiny pantries, and closets. They are highly space-efficient and, alongside pocket doors that disappear into a wall, provide an effective way to close off an area.

The maximum height for most bi-fold doors is typically around 95-98 inches.

In addition to the choice of material, many bifold doors are equipped with double or triple glazing, significantly enhancing the thermal efficiency of a home.