Curtain Wall System

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About Curtain Wall System

Curtain walls are common in modern architecture. The prime reason for it is that it is one of the best ways to protect a building from extremely harsh outdoor elements.

Curtain walls protect the structural integrity of a building while also protecting the interiors. These are panels placed on the exterior of buildings using adhesive, mechanical, or chemical bonding.

There are a variety of curtain walls that can be installed in multi-story buildings. But first, let’s have a glance at its functions.

Curtain Wall System

A Glance At Curtain Wall System

Curtain wall System

Ever heard of glazing exteriors? To install a glazing system, glass and opaque panels form the exterior front. Almost half a million population very much prefers a glazed curtain wall. Glazing can be installed both ways, from either the exterior or the interior.


However, the outer glazed curtain wall may require an added scaffolding stage. Then comes the vision glass. Vision glass can also be installed on both sides, the exterior, interior, or both. It is an insulating glass that can be glazed sometimes.


Spandrel glass presents to your quality features like lamination and insulation. This is a fantastic piece of curtain walling that can be made opaque using opacifiers on the unexposed surface.


Metal panels can also be a part of your building exteriors in various forms like aluminum fabricator plate, non-corrosive metals, or stainless steel. This works as a sandwich panel, sandwiching thin layers of either plastic or aluminum sheets.

Why Buy Curtain wall systems From Us?

Top Benefits Of Curtain Wall System

Curtain wall systems must be waterproof. At times of rain and snow, you would not want your buildings to drown in it. Therefore, the frames we provide come with pocket sills sloped and wept glazing to collect and drain the water/snow. The slope to the exterior collects water and drains it automatically.


Additionally, sill flashings and slope heads are also added to the exterior to enhance the drainage process. The walls have an air and water seal to disbar water/air to enter the building. For this, perimeter sealants are used to limit the penetration of water and air.

A Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) is established after designing a curtain wall system. But this CRF is just a number and does not tell you about spots prone to condensation. No one wants high interior humidity.


Therefore, we do a careful, in-depth analysis to assess the correct temperature inside the building. For this, we use a thermally improved aluminum fabricator which is a blessing in disguise. Therefore, proper installation of a thermal break at the wall is essential.

The only way to ensure the wall’s sustainability and durability are to employ suitable materials and design practices. We use high R-value, low-E, and selective glass coatings to make your wall sustainable and reduce the loads on it.

Maintainability is always a concern while constructing large buildings. Though we discussed earlier that curtain walls are durable yet they require maintenance. Usually, the perimeter sealants have a service life of 10-15 years. Repairing or replacing the perimeter sealants could require more significant effort and detailing than you think. The anodized aluminum frames are subject to cleaning or re-coating to enhance the appearance.

Usually, these systems come with fire safety and smoke seals between gaps on the floors and at the back of the wall. You could construct a minimum of a ½” thick smoke seal gaps with the wall.

These buildings would also require a lab-tested fire-rated assembly. Also, there is a surety that the quality of materials used for fire perimeter containment is excellent. Additionally, the knock-out panels are fully tempered glass that can be easily broken into smaller pieces for knocking-out.

Generally, high-rise buildings may face an issue in maintenance and repairs. Low-rise buildings can be easily repaired, renovated, and accessed from the ground itself.

 The trick used with high-rise buildings is that they should be designed for swing stage access. This makes them easier to cleanse windows, repair, maintain, and replace the glass. Proper fallback safety props should be attached to the roof, and stabilization tie-off to be provided on the wall-front.

Sometimes, there can be a leakage of both air and water. This could ultimately contribute to issues resulting in the growth of mold. It might not even come to your knowledge until it’s too late and the indoor air quality suffers badly.

Curtain Wall System

First impression counts, and we’ll help you make an excellent impression on every passer-by.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curtain walls are ideal for decks, bay windows, and other unusual shapes depending on the design capabilities of the manufacturer. In addition, the depth of the unit keeps out unwanted noise from outside as well as reduces heat transfer into your home.

The glass panel has built-in insulating airspace, so there is no need for additional insulation. This allows you to achieve the highest degree of energy efficiency and comfort by efficiently blocking infiltration and radiant heat transfer through your walls.

Your Curtain Wall should never need painting unless directly exposed to salty air or harsh cleaning materials. Even then, detailed directions will be provided with each product at the time of purchase.

Curtain Wall Systems are composed of many separate components. They can be made out of different materials and come in all shapes and sizes. Customization is required to make it work for your project, which drives the price up.