P A Doors (Public Access Doors)

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Best Public access doors in London

Public access doors are used in many places like commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, and garages. These doors are not actually for the public but for authorized personnel only. We have a variety of public access doors available, ranging from shed doors to sturdy steel container doors. Our substation doors are commonly used in industrial settings to prevent unauthorized access.

Our public access doors deliver quality on three counts: security, strength, and insulation. Both industrial and commercial buildings store scads of valuable goods and machinery, and storage spaces must be secured.

P A Doors (Public Access Doors)

A Glance At P.A Doors

Public Access Doors

Installing a public access door is an excellent idea if you store valuable goods for your business and they are left unattended over the weekend. These doors and an effective access control system provide the best protection for your goods.

Our doors are designed to resist forced entry, giving you peace of mind and keeping unwanted visitors out. The heavy-duty lock is fire-rated stainless steel, making it difficult to cut or force open.

The strong structure of our doors can withstand attempts at forced entry using crowbars. They are durable and won’t wear out or break easily, even with constant use. Plus, they help maintain a comfortable temperature by keeping the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter.

Why Buy P A Doors (Public Access Doors)
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Customer satisfaction has always been our #1 goal. We realize that all clients are unique and work to deliver customer satisfaction at a personal level.

Our professionals will go the extra mile to ensure you get what you want. We promise to assist you through the planning process, and the team will gladly help you with maintenance.

In all our years in the business, we’ve learned that impartial advice is always counterproductive. We take the time to ensure we understand your needs and recommend possible solutions considering the budget and the deadline.

We always strive to meet our unmatched standards and work to ensure every client gets what they need on time, every time.

P A Doors (Public Access Doors)

Our Work Process

Planned Designs

With our expertise and experience We design things after planning from every perspective or point of view.

Experts at Work

We hire only skilled workers for our site so that there would be no room for corrections.

Proper Research

After analyising from every point of view we come into execution on site.

Rough & Tough

Quality of the material is a non-compromised element.Thus, we use the best high grade steel and aluminum for our Security shutter doors.

Our Other Services

Shop Fronts

Shop Fronts

The three widely in-demand shop fronts include aluminium, toughened glass shop fronts, and automatic doors. We pay attention to every detail our clients provide to ensure the best quality at a reasonable price point.

Toughened Glass Shop Fronts

Toughened Glass Shopfronts

Firstly, toughened glass shop fronts allow the potential customer to look at the products you're showcasing. Showing off your best products will attract more customers to your business and also transform the entire look.

Commercial Glazing Shopfronts

Commercial Glazing

Commercial glazing is done to commercial spaces – be it a storefront or an office. As a business owner, you have much to miss out on if you don't get commercial glazing.

Aluminium Shop Fronts London

Aluminium Shop Fronts

Aluminum has always been preferred for shop fronts and doors because of its durability, lightweight nature, and strong properties. Altus Contractors offers a wide selection of aluminium shopfronts, doors, and windows.

automatic doors-Altus Contractors-Middlesex

Bi-Folding Doors

These doors are versatile and can be installed in various settings such as restaurants, bars, and homes. They can be easily folded to the side, providing an open view, additional seating space, and improved ventilation, which is especially beneficial during the summer months.

automatic doors-Altus Contractors-Middlesex

Automatic Doors

Installing automatic doors is the perfect solution to this problem. These doors allow foot traffic to flow efficiently – without any hassle for you or your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hand access doors are commonly available in sizes ranging from 6″ x 6″ up to 12″ x 12″. Person access doors, on the other hand, are typically found in sizes ranging from 18″ x 18″ up to 36″ x 36″

The standard size for most exterior doors is 3 feet wide and 6 feet 8 inches tall. Additionally, there are slightly smaller doors known as “2/3 doors,” measuring 2 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 8 inches tall.

Public access doors can be fire-rated, depending on the specific requirements and regulations of the building or location. Fire-rated public access doors are designed and tested to withstand fire for a specified period, helping to prevent the spread of fire and smoke between different areas of the building.

It is recommended to conduct an annual inspection of an access control system. However, high-security facilities may require frequent inspections to ensure optimal functionality and security.

Public access doors can be integrated with access control systems for enhanced security and controlled entry.