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Shutter Doors London

Roller Shutters are a type of security shutter door often used on industrial and commercial buildings. They are made of several horizontal slats that roll up or down to open or close the door. Roller shutter doors can be operated manually or via an electric motor.

Businesses often choose security shutters for their excellent security and adaptability to various sizes and specifications. Altus offers a diverse range of security doors suitable for commercial and industrial buildings in London.

Our experienced team guides you in selecting the ideal door based on factors like security, insulation, and noise reduction. Additionally, we provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements and give you peace of mind. For more information about our shutter doors in London, feel free to contact us.

Roller Shutter Doors in London

Types of Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutter doors

Industrial roller shutter doors are large, vertical doors used in commercial and industrial settings for security and ease of operation. They consist of interlocking slats that roll up and down to open and close the entrance, protecting against unauthorized access and weather elements. Altus Shop Fronts and Shutters Repair is a trusted roller shutter door repair service provider in London. Our team of experienced technicians specializes in diagnosing and resolving various issues that may arise with industrial roller shutter doors.

Commercial roller shutter doors

Commercial roller shutter doors are integral to many businesses. It provides security, convenience, and protection for commercial properties. Whether you want to install new commercial roller shutter doors or require repairs or maintenance for existing ones, Altus Shopfronts and Shutters Repair is the go-to company in London. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service makes them a trusted partner for all your commercial roller shutter door needs.

Projects of Industrial Roller Shutter Door And Commercial Roller Shutter Door In London

With our experienced team, we have successfully undertaken numerous industrial shutter door and Commercial Roller Shutter Door projects in London. Our expertise extends to supplying and installing doors for a diverse range of businesses, including factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. We understand the unique requirements of each industry and strive to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Why Buy Roller Shutter Doors From Us in London?

Leading Supplier: We are a trusted and reputable supplier of roller shutter doors in London with unparalleled industry experience.
Local Business: Being a local business, we understand the unique requirements of our clients and can provide customized doors with a quick turnaround using the latest technology.
Customer Satisfaction: We take pride in our work and go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy. We even offer roller shutter repair services.
Diverse Product Range: Our wide range of products includes fire shutters, security gates, industrial doors, sectional doors, and other security products, giving you a variety of options to choose from.
Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality, ensuring you get value for your investment.

Roller Shutter Door Installation Service in London

Roller Shutters Doors

Roller Shutter Installation

Installing security shutters is a relatively simple process. First, the door frame is secured into the opening by screwing it into the lintel or header. Then, the roller shutter itself is attached to the frame using horizontal slats or louvers. If needed, a motor can be installed to the ceiling above the door opening. Once everything is in place, the roller shutter can be operated manually or with the help of an electric motor.

Roller Shutter Controls

Roller shutters can be operated either manually or with an electric motor. Manual operation is commonly used for domestic and smaller commercial doors, where a handle or chain is used to open and close the door. Electric operation, on the other hand, is preferred for industrial and larger commercial doors. It involves using a remote control or switch to operate the door. The choice between manual and electric operation depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Roller Shutter Doors Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your roller shutter in optimal condition. Ensure the door is clean and free from debris to prevent any build-up that can cause it to become stuck. Regular lubrication with a product like WD-40 is also important to ensure smooth operation. If you encounter any issues, such as the door getting stuck or running unevenly, it is advisable to contact Altus for professional roller shutter repair services.

Planned Designs

With our expertise and experience We design things after planning from every perspective or point of view.

Experts at Work

We hire only skilled workers for our site so that there would be no room for corrections.

Proper Research

After analyising from every point of view we come into execution on site.

Rough & Tough

Quality of the material is a non-compromised element.Thus, we use the best high grade steel and aluminum for our Security shutter doors.

Our Other Services in London


Scissor Gates

Scissor gates are an excellent choice to protect your commercial premise from unannounced intruders. They are also known as retractable door security grilles or collapsible gates.

sectional doors icon

Sectional Doors

These doors are the perfect option for industrial shutter doors for your warehouses, factories, workshops, pharmaceutical factories, industrial units, etc. Also, our overhead sectional doors industrial is made to be stronger, more flexible, and more durable than traditional doors.

Fire Rated Shutters

Fire-rated shutters are physical barriers to protect your wall opening from a fire outbreak. Our fire-rated shutters have sensors that can detect a blaze or smoke and act instantaneously.

Domestic Shutter Doors

Domestic Shutter Doors

Our roller shutter doors provide excellent security, putting your mind at ease when you are not at home as well as excellent heat and sound insulation.

Car Parking Shutter

Car Parking Shutter Doors

High-usage car park shutters can be customized to site-specific requirements. These roller shutters run at different speeds. They work with various traffic levels and use radar lights for automatic operation.

shutter curtains

Shutter Curtain

Shutter curtains are synonymous with roller shutters. Roller shutters are ideal for securing and covering your doors or windows from external factors like thefts, unwanted entries, extreme rain, wind, and dust, to name a few.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are varieties of materials that are used to manufacture roller shutters, such as wood, vinyl shutters, faux wood, synthetic foam, etc. But among all of them, aluminium is the best material for fabricating exterior shutters, especially when it comes to hot and humid climates. Fact about aluminium shutters, no rotting, cracking, or warping occurs due to sun exposure.

Roller shutters are constructed using high-grade materials, which means that shutter doors will last for many years and require very little maintenance. Also, its surfaces are finished in baked enamel paint, making them extremely durable and easily cleaned every few months with a damp cloth or by spraying with water.

Roller shutters can be operated either manually or by a remote control system. 

  • A remote control system makes the opening and closing of shutters much quicker and easier. 
  • It is unobtrusive, requires low voltage, and does not need to be installed by an electrician, thus saving both time and money.
  • Also, multiple shutters can be controlled with a single remote control unit.

Roller shutters are an effective, affordable and environmentally-friendly way to keep your home cooler in summers and warmer during winters. The insulating effect of roller shutters cuts down on the use of air conditioning and heating, and so reduces your electricity consumption.  This means that you can more effectively control the temperature in your home, which significantly impacts on your home’s energy efficiency.