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Roller Shutter Repair

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your store or warehouse, one of the most effective options is to repair your roller shutters. These modern-day security shutters offer a lightweight, attractive solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space but also provides robust protection from potential threats.


Roller Shutters are easy to install and can be adapted to fit any size or shape of door, window or opening, providing a versatile security solution for any commercial or industrial premises.


However, if your roller shutters are damaged or worn out, the security can be compromised. To avoid such risks and ensure optimal performance for your shutters, it is immensely important to seek professional assistance for timely roller shutter repair or replacement. With extensive experience in providing top-quality roller shutter repair in London, our team at Altus is here to help you.


Our shutter repair service is designed to rectify any existing damage and restore your roller shutters back to their original condition. 

Maintenance of roller shutters can help you avoid future shutter repair costs and keep your roller shutters in excellent working order.


At Altus Shop Fronts & Shutter Repairs, we understand the importance of properly functioning roller shutters for your business. We know how frustrating it can be when you are unable to open your shutter due to damage or malfunction, causing a backlog of customers waiting outside your store. 

Roller Shutter Repairs

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Shutter Repair Services

At Altus Shop Fronts & Shutter Repairs, we understand that your roller shutters are a vital part of your property. That’s why we offer a comprehensive service of shutter repair in London to fix any damaged or malfunctioning shutters. Our team of highly experienced shutter repair experts will ensure that your shutters are repaired to the highest possible standards.


We are proud that our shutter repair experts offer a same-day shutter repair service in London for your convenience. So, if your roller shutters have been damaged and you need them repaired urgently, we can be at your premises within 24 hours to carry out the repairs.


We offer a wide range of roller shutter repair services, including:


  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • Repair of broken springs
  • Adjustment of door alignment
  • Lubrication of door tracks
  • Inspection of door safety devices

We provide all kinds of roller shutter repair services like industrial roller shutter, manual roller shutters, commercial roller shutters & domestic roller shutter etc.,


For superior quality shutter repair in London, contact us today by visiting our website or through our nearest location.

Emergency Shutter Repair London

If your roller shutters has been damaged or is malfunctioning, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible. That’s where our emergency roller shutter repair service comes in. We understand the importance of getting your shutters fixed quickly, so we offer a fast and efficient repair service to get your shutters back up and running in no time.

Roller Shutter Installation

If you’re looking for a way to improve the security of your property, then roller shutters are definitely worth considering. Our team of highly experienced and qualified contractors can provide a professional roller shutter installation service to get your roller shutters installed & ensure that your shutters are fitted correctly and performing optimally.

Roller shutter maintenance service

To keep your roller shutters in good condition, we recommend that you have your roller shutter repair at least once a year. Our Roller Shutter Repair Company give maintenance service that includes a thorough inspection of your shutter door system to identify any potential issues. We also offer a lubrication service to keep your roller shutters running smoothly.

Replacement of Shutter Parts

In case, any shutter part is not working; you need to get it replaced. For that, you can count on us. We will first inspect the entire shutter and then let you know which part needs to be replaced. After your approval, our team will replace that part with the new one so that your roller shutters start functioning without any problem.

Roller Shutter Repaird

Roller shutters are an eminent element of safety and security for your house as well as your store, offices, and godowns. Hence, it is important to keep them in proper shape and condition always. When you are using the roller shutters over a long period, there are chances that they may get some problems in them.


Even if there are no significant issues, you should also not ignore the wear and tear that might cause massive damage in the future.


It is essential to address such issues with the professionals so that the minor issues do not land up inviting any significant problems.


Therefore, our team is dedicated to providing expert shutter repair and maintenance services for all types of roller shutter repairs, so that you can assure that your business will continue running smoothly even during busy days with multiple appointments.


Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, our experienced technicians are here to help.

Get Roller Shutter Repaired in London From Altus.

At Altus Shutter Repair, in the whole shutter repair industry we specialize in providing high-quality roller shutter repair services in London. Whether your shutters are damaged or malfunctioning, our team can provide the necessary repairs to restore optimal performance.


Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose us for your Roller Shutter Repair London project:


  • Highly experienced and qualified contractors
  • Reliable service & experienced engineers
  • High-quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Competitive rates that won’t break the bank
  • A wide range of quality products and services
  • Efficient scheduling and turnaround times

If you’re looking for a reliable roller shutter repair company and a cost-effective shutter repair service in London, Altus shutter repairs is the one-stop solution for you.


For superior quality of roller shutter repair, roller shutter installation, maintenance, and repairs in London, contact us today.

We repair roller shutters for clients all across the United Kingdom. For information about our competitive rates and other inquires, please get in touch with us at 02085619073 or [email protected]

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Under the Health and Safety Act, it is a legal requirement to have automatic doors, and their parts serviced and checked every 12 months. The paperwork should be signed by a qualified and fully authorized professional.

PUWER is your legal requirement that has to be considered while installing roller shutters at your premises! They are part of the building. For regulatory justification, the Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations are mandatory to be followed. There is a maintenance requirement within those regulations, keeping the building or workplace in a safe condition, etc.

  • In simple terms, this means checking the motors and tracks for any signs of damage or wear. 
  • As well as checking the door rollers which are fitted to the track to ensure they rotate freely. If not, then it will obviously need servicing. 
  • The limit switches must also be checked as these help control how far a door opens and closes.
  • Loose switch wires must be tightened, or corroded terminals need to be cleaned before the switches become unreliable.


Yes, and in fact, the terms of PUWER, states that they must be maintained and used “in accordance with any guidelines or recommendations issued by the equipment manufacturer.” If this is not possible, then alternative modifications which provide equal or better safety should be utilised.