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Car Parking Shutter Doors

High usage car park shutters can be customized into site specific requirements. These roller shutters run at different speeds. They work with various traffic levels and use radars, lights for automatic operation. It is done to save energy costs for the customers while parking their vehicles.

These customized shutters suit all types of applications. For example, from small residential properties or shopping center car parks.

Popular RS75 Traditional Galvanized Steel Roller is used for car park shutter doors. It is one of the most versatile and cost-effective types of roller shutters. It goes up to 12 metres wide!

75mm curved steel laths are available in various sizes such as 22G (0.7mm), 20G (0.9mm) and 18G(1.2 mm). This determines the size of the roller shutters & security level you need. You can also choose from Solid, Perforated, Punched slats for higher security levels.

The Vision Laths within the shutters allow the air flow to pass through them. It is vital for ventilation in underground car parks. There can be certain situations when you need more airflow than usual. In such cases, Stack Door Car Park Shutter is used. It is the best solution to provide 80% of the airflow from the shutters.

Car Parking Shutters

A Glance At Car Parking Shutter Doors ​

Car Park Shutter
Why choose Car Park Shutter Doors ?
The Car Park Roller Shutters are operated electrically for easy use and convenience. We have three different motors to choose from, depending on the number of cars in your lot:
  • If there are only 2-5 cars, they will work well with a 240V GFA Industrial Motor. This provides about eight movements per hour.
  • If there is a need for ten cars in a lot, then it requires a standard 415V GFA Industrial motor. It can provide twenty operations every sixty minutes.
  • If you have the need of 10+ cars, then larger car parks must be sturdier. So, we recommend one powered by an industrial grade 415v High Usage Motor. It operates up to thirty times each hour.
For such purposes, there is a diverse range of products. It allows Altus Contractors to offer complete control over your building. We use small access systems, safety devices and traffic flow controls. We have Access Control Integration to protect your property. Remote controls for opening and closing gates at different times. Automatic sensors & timers to detect any happenings. Safety devices & alarm systems are a good combination with motion detectors. It keeps a track of a person entering & leaving throughout the day. Traffic flow system control makes sure all cars get into their designated spots. This is done by directing traffic. Cheaper and less durable shutter doors can also be used at various places. For example, at homes or in shops rather than in parking lots where traffic is much higher. The standard Car Park Roller Shutters come in Galvanized Finish. But it can also be powder-coated with BS or RAL color to match your color scheme.

Why choose Altus Contractors for installing Car Park Shutter Doors?

Altus Contractors specializes in the manufacturing of shutters doors for car parking. These shutter doors can be used for single car parking spaces up to hundreds of car parking spaces.

Our shutters are made with the highest quality materials and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. We use solid, perforated (18% airflow), punched (24% airflow), tube link, & double skin insulated.

We guide you to use a wide range of Single Phase and 3 Phase Motors after the site inspection. It’s installation depends upon the size of the shutter opening and the usage required. We use a wide range of controls, safety devices, traffic management systems available to suit the site requirements.
Car Parking Shutters

Various key features used in the manufacturing of Car Park Shutter Doors:

  • Material used for Car Park Shutter Doors Galvanised Steel
  • Lath Types – Solid, Perforated, Punched, Tube Link, Double Skin Insulated Slat
  • Electric Operation –  Single and 3 Phase Motors
  • Max Width – 12000mm
  • Max Height – Electric – 7000mm
  • Box & Guides – Standard Finish – Galvanised
  • Curtain – Standard Finish – Galvanised
  • Lead Times – 10-20 working days

Slat’s Technical Specifications:

Solid 76 Slat Profile

The Solid 76 slat lath has curved single skin & is in complete solid form. These laths have different thickness depending on the shutter size and the security. These are of 22G (0.7mm), 20G (0.9mm) and 18G (1.2mm).

It is a solid 76mm profile steel slat most used in many industrial applications. For example, factories, warehouses, storage units and agricultural buildings. These slats can be powder coated to any RAL colour. Each slat type has the greatest strength and zero visibility.
Car Parking Shutter Doors

Perforated 76 Slat Profile

Perforated 76 Steel security shutter with a perforated vision. This pin hole roller shutter slat has decent strength and has 18% of visibility. These slats can be powder coated to any RAL colour. P76 Slat profile is used for various commercial, and industrial purposes.
Car Parking Shutter Doors

Tube Link Profile

Info security shutters is a perfect solution for smaller openings requiring vision. This aluminium security shutter has extruded punched holes. These are used for good visibility and normal strength. Such slats can be powder coated to any RAL color.
Double Skin Insulated Slat

Double Skin Insulated Slat

Double skinned insulated slats are the best shutters. These slats are used for making a good control over the higher temperature. It reduces the heat loss through the slats. It also provides a cost-effective way to maintain the higher temperature levels.

Altus Contractors use the best quality materials for manufacturing & installing Car Park Shutter Doors at industrial, commercial places like shopping malls, and domestic or residential places, etc. So, contact us for installing Car Park Shutter Doors at your place.

We install fire rated shutter for clients all across the United Kingdom. For information about our competitive rates and other inquires, please get in touch with us at 020 8561 9073 or [email protected]

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After analyising from every point of view we come into execution on site.

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Quality of the material is a non-compromised element.Thus, we use the best high grade steel and aluminum for our Fire Rated Shutter Doors.

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