Shop front Roller Shutter Doors Installation in Uxbridge

Shop front roller shutter doors installation in Uxbridge

Shop fronts


The shop fronts have been in the market for around centuries and it is the most basic component of any store. It allows you to deliver service to your potential customers. 


Shop fronts in London play an essential role in attracting people to a business, especially when they are looking for something specific. It is a marketing strategy that grabs people’s attention so that they don’t pass while walking down the street.


Installing shop fronts at your store can be an excellent advertisement for your business. It is the first reason why people choose to install shopfronts at their store. Moreover, the shop fronts can be tailormade with respect to the client’s requirements and area specifications.


They can be customized using a variety of designs, and colors. It should be designed and customized that speak to what your business is about. The powdered RAL color should be used to make the shop fronts look more attractive.  


Types of shop fronts installed in Uxbridge, London such as toughened glass shop front, commercial glazing, automatic doors, P.A doors, etc. To protect the business from burglars, we need something that is much stronger, and more durable. 


Therefore, we need roller shutters that can not only protect the shop frontage but also secure your business as well. The most preferred metal for manufacturing shop fronts is aluminium.


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Roller shutters

Roller shutters doors offer great support to your commercial property. Installing them is the best option for your business. Shop front shutters are a great way to provide your business with protection against potential intruders and vandals. 

Different types of slats that are used in the manufacturing of shutters for shop front such as:


  • Solid 76 Slat Profile

    The Solid 76 slat lath is incomplete solid form and comes with different thicknesses for various shutter sizes. These can be 22G (0.7mm), 20g (.9 mm) or 18 g(12mm).

    It is a solid 76mm profile steel slat that can be powder-coated to any RAL color. It has the greatest strength with zero visibility. This slat profile is used for many different industrial applications such as factories, and warehouses.


  • Perforated 76 Slat Profile

    Perforated 76 Steel security shutter with a perforated vision. This pinhole roller shutter slat has decent strength with 18% of visibility. This makes it ideal for various commercial or industrial purposes. 

For example, in factories, such slats provide strong protection from outsiders. Perforated 76 Steel security shutter can also be powder coated into any desired color so that you can blend it according to your business requirement.


  • Tube Link Profile

    Info security shutters offer a great solution for smaller openings that require a good vision. These are aluminum slats that have extruded punched holes.

    Moreover, they can be powder coated to any RAL color depending upon the business requirements.


  • Double Skin Insulated Slat

Double Skin insulated slat is custom made to fit the large openings. It ensures that your home’s windows remain functional and beautiful with superior insulation.


This shutter has a double skin polyester powder-coated slat. It is coupled with an impressive foam core for thermal protection and dust prevention.


Shop fronts roller shutters are made with high-quality aluminum that assures the business owners to provide excellent protection to any commercial, domestic or industrial property. Another important feature is that shutter doors also add an attractive aesthetic for your potential customers.


Altus Shop fronts Contractors is an excellent company who specializes in installing aluminum roller shutters. They are committed to providing the highest quality products and services possible for the optimum safety of your property.


They also specialize in aluminium roller shutter design and fabrication. These roller shutter doors are made of the best materials with utmost precision. This means that your home or business is completely in safer hands.

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Why choose Altus Contractors for shop front roller shutter doors installation? 

Shop front roller shutter doors provide us protection against weather conditions such as wind, rain, and heat. These shutters protect your premises from vandalism and burglary attempts.


Our expert team at Altus shop fronts contractors provides the best installation, repair, and maintenance services. You can hire us to provide assistance regarding shopfronts and roller shutter doors.

We assist you by inspecting your property and suggesting to you the pros and cons of the installation of the shop front and roller shutters. We have a highly experienced shopfitters team who works 24*7 and provide related emergency services as well.

Our latest shop fittings techniques will give your shop fronts a well-designed and glamourous look. Altus has years of experience in expert craftsmanship. They take care of all aspects from design to installation of the product.

We not only provide our services during the process but also provide our potential customers with after-sales service too. We work on customizing shop fonts with various designs and colors. Our goal is increased customer attention without compromising on quality.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I really have any color on aluminium roller shutters?

Yes, your shop fronts can have any RAL color. They have a comprehensive range of industry-standard paint colors. For example, you can have a frontage that is silver outside and a neutral white color on the inside. You can provide colors as per your individual taste or to suit your corporate image.


Why is aluminium mostly preferred among manufacturers?

Aluminium is the perfect metal for manufacturing strong, resilient, and attractive shop fronts. It is not only an affordable and strong metal but also durable and highly resistant to corrosion. The aluminium products are relatively light in weight and are long-lasting.


Why are roller shutter doors suitable for shops?

Roller shutters maintain the temperature of the interiors. They are excellent insulating properties that keep the interiors of the shop at an ideal temperature. The roll-up doors can be customized with various designs and features.


If you are also planning to install roller shutters at your premises then it is better to consult roller shutter fitters before coming to any decision. Also, you can visit our website to get more information on shop fronts roller shutters.

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