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Commercial Glazing – Add Style & Elegance To Your Business


Commercial Glazing is used in many places, especially in commercial areas. Whether it is on the storefront of a busy street or at the drive-through window for fast food restaurants. Commercial properties need to handle a lot of traffic through their doors. 


This is all done to create an inviting atmosphere for their customers. Commercial glazing windows and doors also provide security and safety from the worst weather conditions like heavy rain.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, you should need to know what part of your business premises do your customers see first? It is your glass entrance door. Commercial glazing windows and doors are the perfect options for giving any building a new life. 


In other words, Commercial Doors are ideal for those who want to keep the smooth running of their business. You can choose from our quality range of commercial door options. It comes with a variety of features such as double swing or power-assist openers. It also comes in various sizes as well. 


There is a perfect option that can give your building a new life. Those are commercial storefront windows and doors from Altus Contractors. We provide each design for every need and all within affordable pricing.


Various Uses of Commercial Glass Doors :


  • It is a chance to give people a good impression of your company before they even come into your space. It designs a perfect layout that reflects your ideas and company and makes it creative.


  • The importance of natural light has increased. It promotes not only well-being but also productivity in office premises. So, if you are planning to construct commercial offices or stores, then your main concern will be choosing frames for windows.

    This includes tinting options and the number of panes needed for the insulation from outside such as hot sun rays. Also, you will want something that is durable enough to stand up against rough weather such as heavy rain. 


  • Apart from this, it should be transparent enough not to hinder the visibility from outside. This could leave thieves or vandals to damage your property by entering into it.


  • Commercial glazing windows ensure that your building will remain safe and secure. We have a quality range of glazing windows. You can find the right size for any door opening that ranges from small offices to large supermarkets.


  • Commercial Glazing doors are also used for high traffic areas. These are the areas that need a strong, and reliable entrance. Our commercial door range offers flexibility in design and will fit any opening.


The benefits do not stop here. Commercial door systems have features such as very flexible designs for example, in grocery stores. They can be adapted without sacrificing their functionality. Power-assist models give users more control. This is done when they want their entranceway opened by providing help only when necessary.


Benefits that Commercial Glazing Shop Front provides to your storefront :


  • New Look:  The addition of a new storefront and doors can give your business a sleek and modern look. The geometric positioning enhances the aesthetics of your business’s glass windows and doors. Thus, installing commercial glazing at your business will make your building look fresh and much more appealing.


  • Efficiency: We all know that glass is amazing for its windows, but did you also consider how it can make your building more efficient? Commercial storefronts and doors are a good investment in the long term.

    Not only can your building increase in value with new glass, but it also becomes more efficient. Commercial storefront and doors help cut drafts to keep it cool during summers. It also reduces the heating costs in winters. This is all done without driving up the electricity expenses.

    Commercial glazing is a very good investment for various business owners. Especially to those who want their properties not only to look better but also to perform better too. This is definitely something you should consider investing in as soon as possible.

    Good-looking windows mean nothing if they do not provide insulation against extreme weather conditions. For example, freezing rain could affect your business structure.


  • Transparency: In an office setting, more glazing windows increase the flow of natural light. This can help reduce the costs for electricity and keep morale high among the employees. With this, they will feel connected with their colleagues and with the outside world as well.

    Storefront glass allows you to showcase your products. This will give your customers a welcoming entrance that they will always remember. Installing commercial glazing makes client retention a lot easier. This is done by increasing the foot traffic into stores from passersby on busy sidewalks or through the people driving by.
  • Versatility: Another important thing about commercial glazing is that it is so versatile. It can be customized into any shape and size to suit the needs and requirements of your company, whether small or large-scale business.

    You can also choose between different colors or patterns for your business. This is through customizing the shape and size for windows and glass. Such factors will create a great layout that will represent your company well.


  • Increased Security: Now you can make your storefront doors to be electric. Glazed doors and windows are installed with special hardware and access controls. Hardware is integrated with the design during the time of construction.

    Incorporating new technologies into the building’s design will safeguard your property. This means that you never have to worry about employees or outsiders entering unauthorized areas again. With state-of-the-art security features, your storefront can be more secure than ever before. 

Why prefer Altus Contractors to add Style & Elegance to your Business?


Selecting a good commercial glazing company to carry out your glazier work can be very critical. Thus, we need such an organization that takes time to address the needs of each one of our customers. Altus Contractors is that very firm. 


It is one of the leading experts in installing commercial glazing at your storefront doors and windows. We are here to help you from the start of the planning all the way through the installation and after-sales service.


At Altus Contractors, we offer affordable products for your glass needs. It will help you make the most out of your investment with a professional touch. 


We prefer a commercial glazing design for doors and windows. It is preferred for every application from residential, commercial, and traditional also. Our doors and windows are robust, strong, and highly secure. You can choose from many materials, colors finishes, and hardware.


If you want to avail the benefit of our services, you must arrange a free meeting on site today. We will perform an informal review and include a detailed quotation and an expert survey. Feel free to contact us if you want to install shopfronts on your storefront doors and windows.

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