Shopfronts in Barnet - Bi-Folding Doors

Shopfronts in Barnet – Bi-Folding Doors

The Bi-folding door is a modern and convenient way to give yourself more living space without sacrificing style. Bi-fold doors are made from panels that fold up against the wall like a concertina. This makes them incredibly easy-to-store when not in use or opening for business purposes. It is also known as sliding folding doors.

Bi-folds can be opened into two or three panels depending on how many hinges you have got. If you want to customize your home’s layout, then a Bifold door is a perfect choice for you. You can install them anywhere whether inside or outside the house. They are great for creating gateways into garden spaces as well as in conservatories also.


One of the most convenient and stylish features of bi-fold doors is that they can be pulled open from either side. This means that you do not have to worry about opening them up, wasting time, or getting tangled in cords.


A sliding door can be folded and unfolded to give you full access to what is behind it in one quick motion. These are perfect for homes that have limited space because they are made out of strong materials.


These sliding doors also act as an alternative to traditional stationary shutters. It also provides an extra way for you to have more space in any room without sacrificing comfortability.


Bifold doors are an elegant and modern choice, especially for homeowners. You can choose between different materials. For example, wood, uPVC, and aluminium frame options to manufacture bi-folding doors.

There are various types of shop fronts available. Out of them, the most popular choice is aluminium shop fronts and bi-folding doors made of aluminum. They work with any property style and age. The preferred colors for bi-folding doors aluminium in London are black or white.

Black remains the most popular color and even white looks good. Other colors also seem to work very well on these doors. Various materials and colors are available that will fit any taste or budget.

They are designed by keeping full durability and strength in mind. Bifold doors are a great choice for people who want to make their homes more than an ordinary place. 


Common Features of all Bifolding Doors:

You can find the following features within any well-designed bi-folding doors and windows :

  • The purchaser will get a full choice of colors.
  • Bifolding doors are tested to get full security and according to the weather performance standards.
  • The customer will get good insulation and energy efficiency. All due to the insulated profiles and high specifications of the glass.
  • Safety glass is used throughout its manufacturing.
  • It also consists of a multi-point locking system. Including the security door cylinders and quality, bi-folding door handles as well.

Bifolding doors are becoming the fastest new trend in home designs. They are not only beautiful but also provide a wide range of options. For example, varying panel counts and corner types. This can make them more versatile than ever before.

These doors are very alike to one another in terms of features, the number of panels, and design. The only difference is some are for open corners and others are for fixed ones. 


How can I make my Bifold Doors more secure? 

These are made more secure by using various best types of locks for bi-folding doors:

  • Multi-point Locking System: It provides up to five times as much security as the standard single-point lock.
  • Twin-point Locks – This is the most common and attractive locking system for bi-folding doors.
  • Drop-bolts – These are typical drop-bolt locks that get affixed to the top and bottom of your doors. This will add an extra layer of protection.

Why Prefer Altus Contractors for installing Bi-Folding Doors in London?

By walking down any street or the market in London, you can see glazing shop fronts installed on various shops. These are excellent solutions for the façade of a business.


Installing bi-folding doors at the storefronts can offer an aesthetic look. It also offers a standardized impression with its amazing appearance. It creates an amazing and pleasing environment with its every opening.


For over decades, our Bi-Folding Doors have been a popular choice for shop fronts. These are some of the trusted choices for shops across London. Altus Contractors offer more than just sturdy and reliable products. 


We focus on style with artistic designs that are perfect all year round. The doors with a slimline profile will give you the best look. The steel-inspired design on the storefronts is what we recommend to our customers.


Some customers want to have an elegant appearance without sacrificing their needs. Another amazing thing about these doors is that they can be customized to look like window panes.


This can be done by installing some slimline bars on these doors. This gives the best possible design for your house. Altus Contractors have been designing and installing bi-folding doors for more than decades.


We are well-known in the industry to provide high-quality products. Our all types of shop fronts are popular among clients of any type or shape, and size.


The sliding folding doors from our company not only last a lifetime but also look great as well. So, feel free to contact us for customizing the bi-folding doors as per your needs. 

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