A good first impression is important for any company. It is no different when it comes to the appearance of your installed shopfronts in London.

A quality building can also make your business stand out in this competitive market place. In this case, a professional facade will do wonders. It establishes a long-lasting relationship with your potential clients.

What makes you choose to install Shopfronts at your store?

A shopfront is the front face of your business. It should be designed in such a way that reflects your business. A good design will catch people’s eye and will make them feel like they have entered into a different world. While entering the storefront with an inviting facade, it will leave them wanting to look for more treasures inside.


The first reason behind choosing to install Shopfronts is to make an excellent advertisement for your store. This will draw the attention of the people passing by. It might help you grow your business even faster than before. People notice such things more that attracts them.


A well-designed shop front is a perfect way to provide eye-catching displays for your goods. It is one of the most important pieces in any shop and can be a key element to making it stand out. 


They can be tailored with the idea of building and area in mind. This layout gives a more aesthetic look to the storefront. So, the overall appearance of the shopfront both exterior & interior must look cohesive so that the right design will make the customers feel welcomed when visiting your store.


Altus Contractors offers a variety of shop fronts to choose from, including Aluminum and Toughened Glass. They also provide Bi-Folding doors, P.A. doors, and Automatic Door services as well in addition to Commercial Glazing solutions for your business.


Another reason – There is a shop front for every need and budget. If you are looking to replace your aging aluminum storefront or thinking of adding some security measures with bulletproof glass to it, then you can prefer Toughened Glass Shopfronts.


The shopfronts are available for purchase including a variety of styles that consists of sliding, bi-folding models, automated, etcetera. The type you choose will depend on the needs according to the size requirements and specifications that are perfect for you. These are also designed for both big and small spaces as well.

Why Choose Us To Install Shopfront in Hammersmith and Fulham?

Altus Contractors have gained an outstanding reputation over the years for offering high-quality goods and exemplary support. We have offered our services in banks, supermarkets, schools, hotels, and leisure centers. We have also successfully led a range of shopfront services in Hammersmith and Fulham in London.


Altus Contractors has been a leading contractor of quality doors and windows for over many years. We install Aluminium Shopfronts across Hammersmith, Kensington, Chiswick, Uxbridge, Wembley, Hayes, Finchley, Barnet. We have demonstrated a high level of craftsmanship with our products. This results in both durable as well aesthetically pleasing products to look at. 


The strength, durability combined with the innovation makes our products stand out at affordable prices. Unlike other companies who offer low-quality materials for the manufacturing of shop fronts at expensive rates.


We also specialize in the manufacturing and design of sturdy Automatic Doors such as center pivot ones with automatic sliding capabilities. They are all made out of hard-wearing and long-lasting materials such as steel or aluminum. Therefore, our shopfronts can withstand wear and tear over time without breaking down easily.

Technical Features for the Manufacturing of Shopfronts

  • Fully rebated swing door with anti-finger trap
  • Thermally broken, heavy-duty doors & screens
  • 30kg Dynamic Impact Test
  • 6kN Static Load Test
  • Security grade 6 locking mechanism
  • Locking bolt withstands 10kN sideload
  • Polyamide thermal break
  • Achieves U value 1.8W/m²K
  • Internally beaded sash
  • Thermally broken low threshold

Our professional team at Altus Shop fronts Contractors understands the requirements for manufacturing shopfronts. We combine high-quality features with innovative designs into an affordable price range. These innovative designs consist of durable materials such as steel and aluminum siding which are only viewed as much more expensive designs.


Shop Front designs are made by utilizing the thermal efficiency principles. It allows your house to gain energy without using any extra power sources. These shopfronts also withstand extreme weather conditions such as weatherproofing like rainstorms or heat waves.


With thermal efficiency, it will keep the inner surroundings warm during winter and cool during summers. So that you can relax and enjoy yourself at your home, or work comfortably at the office or at a commercial area.


If you also want to install a shopfront at your store in London with varied designs to choose from, then contact us today. We deliver a full service of manufacturing and installation of a variety of shopfront categories to our esteemed customers. So, shop today at Altus Shop fronts Contractors.